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February 2015

Partnering with Schools

Great ideas here from Jason.

Jason Underhill


One of the greatest joys I’ve found in ministry is partnering with schools. Many times teachers are not encouraged or thanked enough for the job they do.  They have what I believe is the toughest career.  As churches this is a great way to build relationships within the community and reach families.

It is an honor to especially be in the community to bring lunch to area teachers. They love the fact they get a free meal, but most importantly it builds a relationship that will last over time.  As you spend the day with the teachers you hear what the kids and families are like in the school.  You are able to find out the needs not only of the teachers but of the school itself.

Here are 10 ways I’ve partnered and am looking to partner with schools in the future.

1. Feed the entire faculty Lunch-Nothing says…

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If you have spent more than a week in Kidmin you know that kidmin is more than just ministering to kids. As a Children’s Pastor I spend more time recruiting, training, replacing, scheduling, and ministering to those who serve kids than I do ministering to actual kids. Continue reading “5 Things to help you Manage those who serve Kids.”

5 books that will help you to be a better Children’s Pastor

I am learning, in order to become better at what you do, you have to be intentional to educate yourself continually. I have never been much of a reader. My attention span is short so I very rarely finish a book. Thanks to an article by Sam Luce I don’t have to finish every book I start.  We all Know the Bible is the number one book that you should be reading and without the Word of God in you, nothing will be of benefit.   With that said, the five books listed, if read, studied over, and implemented are guaranteed to make you a better Children’s Pastor. Continue reading “5 books that will help you to be a better Children’s Pastor”

This month at Mars Hill Baptist Church we are inviting Parents to join their 1st-6th Graders to Prayz Kidz.   We want parents and grandparents to pick one Sunday this month to come alongside their child or grandchild as they worship together, receive the Word together, pray together and play together.  We were intentional about this month as we Celebrate a month of Love.  So here are three reasons to invite parents to your Kidz Service. Continue reading “3 Reasons to invite Parents to your Kidz Service”

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