This month at Mars Hill Baptist Church we are inviting Parents to join their 1st-6th Graders to Prayz Kidz.   We want parents and grandparents to pick one Sunday this month to come alongside their child or grandchild as they worship together, receive the Word together, pray together and play together.  We were intentional about this month as we Celebrate a month of Love.  So here are three reasons to invite parents to your Kidz Service.


1. It helps parents get a better understanding of what goes on after the check in.  I had parents come up to me after the first week saying ” I had no idea what y’all did back here. This is great!”  Most likely parents aren’t asking what went on in kidz church and most likely the kids aren’t telling them. The only question that gets asked is “Did you have fun?”   This is a great way to get parents on board with your ministry.

2. It will make you step up your game.  Sometimes we fall into a lazy rut with kids. We don’t prepare as much, we don’t make sure everything is clean and ready as we would if we were responsible for “Big Church”..  By inviting parents to your service you will take the time to look at everything you do differently. All of a sudden you expect the Kidz Worship leader to know all the lyrics..

3. It another way to recruit volunteers.  This is a great way to get volunteers on board. Everyone wants to be a part of something exciting and something that is doing things.  Take this time to plant the seeds of service.  Once they are familiar with your area they may be more inclined to help when needed.

Here is a video I put together to promote my event..