I am learning, in order to become better at what you do, you have to be intentional to educate yourself continually. I have never been much of a reader. My attention span is short so I very rarely finish a book. Thanks to an article by Sam Luce I don’t have to finish every book I start.  We all Know the Bible is the number one book that you should be reading and without the Word of God in you, nothing will be of benefit.   With that said, the five books listed, if read, studied over, and implemented are guaranteed to make you a better Children’s Pastor.

1. The Air I Breath by Louie Giglo.   As Children’s Pastors, many of us rarely get to worship in the “Big Service” . Our Sundays are filled with kid style worship and we are usually running around trying to make sure things are running smoothly.  This book is centered on worship. How we worship, why we worship, and when we worship. IMG_3738

The words written by Louie are sure to grip you and bring you back to the place of true worship regardless of what your Sunday morning routine looks like..IMG_3736

2.  11 Ways to share the Gospel with Digital Natives by Matt Guevara.  This book is put out by Awana and is a great read. Awana puts out several of these and they are amazing. They are easy to read and easy to implement.  Matt shares his views on how to effectively communicate with a people group who are bombarded with technology.  This is a must have for anyone in KidMin.. I am ordering copies for all my leaders.


3. IMG_373711 Ways to Encourage Worn Out Volunteers by Brannon Marshall. Another book by Awana. This book is chock full of tips to help every Children’s Pastor to connect and serve those that serve in the trenches. Brannon gives advice on topics from communication, to giving them a break.  This book can be read in as little as 20 minutes and is one you can fit in your back pocket. Awana has a whole series of these that are great.

IMG_37404. The Pursuit of God by A.W. Tozer.  This book is one that you should be continually reading.  I keep a copy around and read a page or two or even a chapter at a time. The words that are written by Tozer will challenge you to walk closer to God.   He will help you to understand what God expects out of the relationship we have with him. Tip: Get one with a study guide, It’s very helpful.

5. How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie. This is not a spiritual book or church related per say. But at the core we want to connect with people. We need to connect with those wIMG_3739ho serve alongside of us. We need to connect to parents, and we need to connect to kids.  In my life, this has not always been a natural gift. This book will help you hone your people skills. Give you tips on how to connect with others.  Techniques on handling people, how to change people’s thinking without giving offense and how to be a person that others will want to be around. This is another that you should keep close and refer to often.


There are many books by many authors that are just a good as those I have mentioned.  Weather you pick up the books listed here or find your own, I hope this will cause you to push yourself to be a life long learner.  The Lord wants to do amazing things in your life and through your life.  Press into Him and allow Him to be your guide and your strength.


Billy Redd

Family and Children’s Pastor, Mars Hill Baptist Church, http://www.mymarshill.org