In years past, we had the traditional Easter Egg Hunt the Saturday before Easter Sunday. We planned for 30-40 kids, shared a quick Easter story and let them head outside for eggs. About 3 years ago my team and I decided to do a few things differently. I will attempt to share these with you in hopes it will inspire you to think outside the box and bring a fresh new approach to your Easter Egg Hunt.

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We begin by dividing the kids into 3 groups by age or grade.  Group 1 is 2yrs-5yrs, Group 2 is Kinder-2nd grade, and Group 3 is 3rd-6th.  You can customize your groups based upon your numbers to keep things even, if needed.

The Stations

Mars Hill Easter2014 0481. Play time- We set up inflatable, games, and facepainting. This works well for us as we have all these items in-house. Other ideas include Petting Zoo, crafts, etc.

2. The Egg Hunt– In years past we have taken donations for eggs and candy from the congregation.  We would then have Mars Hill Easter2014 128a packing party and pack about 3000-4000 eggs.  This year we chose to order our eggs prepacked from The  cost is reasonable, you can preorder and have them shipped when your ready for them. I ordered mine 3 months in advance and had them shipped in March.  Also, they use people with disabilities to pack the eggs  and give to charities.  We hid the eggs before the kids arrive.  When the kids have filled their baskets they get to keep the eggs.

3. Storytime/Snacktime– Our drama team puts together a 10-15 minute dramatic story telling of the Resurrection.  Last year one of our ladies dressed up and told the story from the perspective of Mary Magdalene. The kids were engaged and the parents loved it as well.  Once the story is over, kids get to enjoy a quick snack put together by our Hospitality Team. Snacks usually include fruit and a do-nut with Capri Suns.

The Rotation

Each group of kids spends 30 minutes at each station. We enlist a leader for each group to keep them on track and going to the right station.  Each group begins at a different station and rotates to the next station. Our event takes place from 10am-12pm and usually includes 300 kids plus parents. Here is an example of how we structure our egg hunt.

#1 Story time & Snacks
#2 Face Painting & inflatables
#3 Easter Egg Hunt & Playground

3 groups: Rotation:
Preschool & under (1,3,2) Rachael
K-2nd grade (3,2,1)Candice
3rd grade & up (2,1,3)Kim

10:00 Welcome
10:10-10:40 1st Rotation
10:40-10:45 Transition
10:45-11:15 2nd Rotation
11:15-11:20 Transition
11:20-11:50 3rd Rotation
11:50-12:00 Conclusion

Again, I hope this helps spark some imagination in you and gets you thinking. I am certainly not an expert and still have much to learn.  But this model has been great for the kids, the leaders, and the parents that attend as well.

God Bless and Keep doing what You Do.

Billy Redd