If you serve kids or lead others who serve kids every week it can be very easy to become spiritually dry.  For many, you can’t remember the last time you actually attended a service without being on duty. As KidMin leaders, we need to be filled often. I have heard it suggested that we should preach and teach out of our ” Overflow.”  What? Overflow….what’s that?  Well I want to share 4 ways that you can keep your self spiritually fed.

1. Watch..  Make a point to tune in to a sermon somewhere. If your church livestreams and then keeps the service archived online, I recommend you watch every Sunday’s message so you can stay in the loop. Also, you can follow or DVR your favorite churches online or on TV. I prefer Elevation Church so I can watch Pastor Steven on Roku or DVR.

2. Listen.. I love listening to Podcast.  I can listen to messages while I am mowing the yard,  exercising, or just hanging out.  While I can’t recommend the Podcast App with Apple, I do recommend Downcast for I Phone and DoggCatcher for Android. I personally subscribe to Damon Thompson, Mars Hill Baptist, Paul Washer, and Lindell Cooley with Grace Church

3. Read… Along with a daily Bible reading plan, set yourself to read a spiritual book. I usually keep about 3 going at a time. Currently I am reading “The Air I breath” by Louie Giglio, “The Pursuit of God” by Tozer, and one of my favorites is ” Letters of a Modern Mystic” by Frank Laubach.  (downloadable for free)

4. Continuing Education…. So you’ve graduated seminary and have sworn off any more Theology training.. I get it, you know everything there is to know about God. But, humor me and take some time to get back to the basics. Whether you were a Theology major or never went to seminary I recommend this great resource to use as a continual study program. It can be found at www.rogma.org.  Its free and downloadable. I started with “Great Doctrines of the Bible”. There are 36 lessons with deep scriptural detail. It’s also a great resource to use when you need to explain some basic Bible truths to young minds.

Maybe somewhere in all of this you will find a little something to help you on your life long pursuit of God. May you be filled with the Spirit of God and may rivers of Living Water spring up from your soul.

Thanks, and Keep doing what you Do.

Billy Redd