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May 2015

Are you Getting the Most out of Facebook for Kidmin?

Facebook-logo-PSD_FotorThere are many opinions about how to use Facebook in your children’s ministry.  Do I need a Facebook Page? Do I need a group that is closed or open?  Can I post pictures of kids?  How do I use it to promote my ministry.  I will attempt to answer all these questions and explain the framework for a Kidmin Social Media Strategy. Continue reading “Are you Getting the Most out of Facebook for Kidmin?”

KidMin Leadership with Jason Underhill and Heidi Hensley

feature imageI had a chance to catch up with two of the top Children’s Ministry Leaders in the US. Jason Underhill and Heidi Hensley have years of experience in leading team and growing ministries that have an eternal impact on kids.  In the video below both Jason and Heidi respond to leadership topics that include; recruiting, training and equipping volunteers. We also took some time to discuss what it takes to keep yourself spiritually fed. I recommend you visit their sites and subscribe to their blogs. &


7 Ideas for Midweek Summer Nights


Here at Mars Hill we use the Awana program for our preschoolers and elementary students during the school year. I can’t say enough good things about the program, our kids love it and our leaders do as well. During the summer months we launch Summer Fun Nights for our midweek programing. You may have Wacky Wednesdays, Super Summer Nights, etc.  My team wrapped up our Summer Fun Night schedule last night and I just want to share it with you. My prayer is that you may see something you haven’t thought of or give some feedback about what your planning.. Continue reading “7 Ideas for Midweek Summer Nights”

5 People you should be following.

5 people

In the KidMin world there are tons of people who are ready to give advice for  any situation you have. While these people mean well, I am not sure the advice is always sound. Everyone has their own opinion on how things should be handled. I have a listed 5 people you should be following in Children’s Ministry . These leaders are not only gifted in their field but are in the trenches just like you and I. They have years of experience, but more than that they are humble and have a heart to help others even when it doesn’t benefit them. Continue reading “5 People you should be following.”

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