room-decor-vbs-2012_FotorIts Vacation Bible School season for sure. Facebook is littered with VBS invites, pictures of decorations, and stressed out Kidmin Leaders. Vacation Bible School is one of those events that we can put a ton of time, energy, and resources into but the follow through can be daunting. Here are three things you should plan to do after Vacation Bible School.

1. Soul Care.
I had the blessing of being part of a special group called Emerging Leaders. The Tennessee Baptist Convention set aside 4 weekends per year to pour into up and coming leaders. One of the 2 day sessions was dedicated to the ministry of Soul Care. We learned how to set aside time and truly make it a Sabbath. A time of rest and recovery will do wonders for your emotional, physical, and spiritual health. Set aside at least 4 hours for soul care following a VBS.  You can read more about A Guided Sabbath here


2. Reflect with your team.

Pull as many leaders together as possible and set aside an hour or two to reflect on the week. Discuss the highlights and the lowlights.  Make a list of things that need to be done differently next year and list those things that worked really well. Make as many notes as possible even if they seem silly. You’ll be amazed at what you can forget in a year.  Then take some time to discuss next years wish lists.


3. Connect with families.

Depending on the size of your VBS and the size of your team this one could be a challenge.  I start by dividing the registration cards into two piles.  Pile 1-Regular church kids, Pile 2- Non regular kids.  Take the non-regular kids and divide those up into manageable groups.  You can connect in various ways, phone call, post card, facebook message etc. The point is to take some time to reach out to those families and let them know you are thankful they allowed you to serve their family during VBS.  Personally, I then send these families a post card every month promoting the upcoming kids sermon series and any special event info.

These are just a few things I have found helpful after a week-long VBS. What are some things you do following VBS?  I would love to hear your input, please comment below.

God Bless

Billy Redd