2016 is upon us and it’s time to get cranking. I wanted to share just a few of the ministry goals I have.  These particular goals are designed to make the ministry I am entrusted with better.  I trust that you have at least thought about what things you want to accomplish and how you are going toget there.


Goal #1.  Recruit and train 3 ministry directors.

My plate is getting fuller and I have noticed lately that people will tell me things or have needs and I totally forget them.  I find myself dropping the ball with people, resources, and planning.  Our ministry has grown over the years but I have failed to add proper leadership in key areas. I have been trying to juggle to many plates.  I have in mind to recruit and train a Preschool Ministry Director, A children’s small group director, and a Sunday morning large group director. My purpose in this is to help keep volunteers managed, communication flowing, and a team I can brainstorm with.


Goal #2. Implement Security Standards.

We have been slowing implementing a church wide security team. Our leaders have began to wear name tags but not across the board and we are checking in kids electronically.  But, we find people hanging out in kids areas that are not serving. Not that they are a direct threat but for some its a hideaway, a place to get away from attending the service. I plan to have name tags with photos on every person who is serving kids and our security team can question anyone in a kids area who isn’t wearing a name tag.  I assume there will be some  push back but I think it’s for the best.


Goal# 3. Take all my vacation days.

I failed to take all my vacation days this year. Not because I am a workaholic but because I failed to schedule them. I did take a couple of short vacations but let time get away. What will I  use these for?  Some days will be to get a few extra things around the house done. Other days will be for fishing or playing golf and others will be for family vacations.


These are not all my goals but these are three that I will be intentional about.  What are your goals for 2016?  What is standing in your way?  I love to hear what your planning.