persuaded podcast artThese podcast are short 15-20 minute messages for kidmin leaders and those who serve kids. The messages will encourage, challenge, and connect you with God so that you might be filled.  You can listen with any podcast app by searching for the text “Persuaded Podcast for Kidmin Leaders”

Hope you enjoy.



Is it Time to Give Up? – Are you ready to throw in the towel?  We all have times in the ministry when we have had enough. We have determined its not worth it and we are ready to quit. Check out this short message before giving up.  Listen with  ITunes


What about My Family?Are you living out D6?  Being called to ministry is a great privilege and responsibility but before you are accountable for the ministry you will be accountable for your family.  Are you living out Deuteronomy 6 in your own life?         Listen with  ITunes

LovelessHave you lost your passion to serve God?  If its been a while since you felt the breath of the Lord this is the message for you. Listen with  ITunes