5 people

In the KidMin world there are tons of people who are ready to give advice for  any situation you have. While these people mean well, I am not sure the advice is always sound. Everyone has their own opinion on how things should be handled. I have a listed 5 people you should be following in Children’s Ministry . These leaders are not only gifted in their field but are in the trenches just like you and I. They have years of experience, but more than that they are humble and have a heart to help others even when it doesn’t benefit them.

1. Frank Bealer– Family Pastor at Elevation Church.
I have heard Frank-The-Tank speak on several occasions. Frank is humble and ready to share.   Frank oversees 13 campuses and hundreds of volunteers. Frank communicates through the site www.Leade3.com.  He speaks at many conferences through out the year and blogs frequently. If your attending a conference and you see his name, I highly recommend you attend his workshop.

2. Jason Underhill.- Family Pastor Cross Church. Jason has a passion to help equip young leaders. Jason is the real deal. I came to know Jason a few years ago when spoke to a portion of my team during an appreciation dinner and did an amazing job. Jason spoke with passion and authority. Since then, Jason has been a great resource to me, helping me with everything from Special Needs Ministry to putting together a kids camp. Jason shares his wisdom through his site www.jasonunderhill.wordpress.com.

3. Sam Luce.  Sam has been blogging since 2007 and is a wealth of knowledge. He has been in ministry for 17 years, 14 of those in children’s ministry and the last 3 as a campus pastor. Sam is a great resource for leadership guidance and kidmin helps.  I recommend you subscribe to Sam’s blog and follow him on his social media channels.

4. Dale Hudson– Dale has been in ministry for 25 and is the author of Relevant Children’s Ministry. Dale has tons of resources for KidMin Leaders on his site. He includes resources such as,  volunteer applications, meeting agenda forms,  blogs quite frequently on every topic that relates to children and family ministry. You can visit Dales site here.

5. Heidi Hensley- Heidi is the Director of Children and Family Ministry at Quail Lakes Baptist Church in California. Heidi is the author of 11 Ways to Serve Busy Parents in a Busy World and is a wealth of knowledge. She is a sought after speaker at various conferences around the country and does a great job sharing her knowledge and experience with others. . You can visit her site by going to www.heidimhensley.com

Weather you new to kidmin or you have been around a while, I recommend you take the time to visit each of these leaders, subscribe to their blogs, follow them on thier social media channels. You are bound to pick up a thing or two that will help you in your ministry.

God Bless and Keep doing what you do.

Billy Redd